2017 Washington Nationals

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We boldly predict that the Nationals will win the NL East and ponder if Dusty Baker can lead them past the first round of the playoffs.  Our PhD Committee also shares their insights on the best things to see in D.C.


2006 World Series

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2006 Cardinals at White House

The St. Louis Cardinals won the 2006 World Series by defeating the Detroit Tigers in 5 games.  Our weekly podcast featuring the St. Louis Cardinals will be released on Friday, June 18th.

Listed below are two great videos.  Have you ever sat in a ballpark and celebrated the last out of the World Series and your home team won?  The first video will give you that experience.

Many learned baseball fans call St. Louis – baseball heaven.  The second video shows a classy way to start your World Series celebration without killing thousands of ticker tapes.  Enjoy.

Last out – 2006 World Series

The Grand Entrance