2018 Wild Card Preview

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October is finally here as we preview the upcoming wild card games and Ed Kasputis interviews Alex Hall from athleticsnation.com.


2017 Wild Card Preview

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October is here!!! As we prepare for the Wild Card games, we pay homage to the Minnesota Twins who lost 103 games last year and have now made this year’s playoffs. We also discuss our beloved national anthem, the NFL and President Trump.


2012 Pittsburgh Pirates

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Can the Pirates hang on for a winning season?  Our PhD Committee is at beautiful PNC Park as the Pirates are in the Wild Card hunt.  Ed interviews Charlie Wilmoth from bucsdugout.com and Farley and Dave are their usual entertaining selves.  Our podcast concludes as we head east to Philadelphia to see if the Phillies could do the unthinkable – stampede into the playoffs.


Professor Bruce Bukiet Wins Again!

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The Power of Math beats Baseball Intuition again

This week is Brewers‘ week with our podcast featuring the Milwaukee Brewers being released on Friday, September 30th.  It’s been a great year for both the Brewers and Baseball PhD.  Who could script the close of this exciting baseball regular season?

In the American League, the Tampa Bay Rays and Boston Red Sox are tied for the wild card position with one game to go.  In the National League it’s the same with the Cardinals and Braves also tied for the wild card position with one game to go.  Could the regular season be extended on Thursday with the 163rd game of the regular season?

While there still remains much uncertainty regarding these two final playoff spots, Professor Bruce Bukiet from the New Jersey Institute of Technology has again won our 2011 MLB Predictions Contest.  Buiket successfully predicted that the Yankees, Tigers and Rangers would make the playoffs.  Bukiet further predicted that the Red Sox, Braves and Cardinals would make the playoffs.  Should the Red Sox make the playoffs, this would be the second year in a row that the Professor has successfully chosen all 4 American League Playoff teams.  Ed Kasputis will interview and congratulate Professor Buiket for his learned predictions during our next podcast.

Can Professor Bukiet turn a triple play in 2012 …


… by using his head?

Milwaukee Brewers Team Pulse
Listen to our 2010 Milwaukee Brewers Podcast

The Impossible True Story – Last Day of the Season

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The Impossible True Story - Last Day of 2010 MLB Regular Season

Last Day of the Regular Season

October 3, 2010 is shaping up to be quite a horse race for the end of the 2010 Major League Season. Three teams are fighting for the last two National League Playoff spots. The Padres are in San Francisco. A San Francisco (91 – 69) win at home against San Diego (90 – 71) will clinch the NL West for the Giants.

A Padres win coupled with an Atlanta Braves (90 – 71) loss will clinch the NL West for San Diego.  If the Braves win along with San Diego, the Giants and Padres would play a one-game tiebreaker for the NL West title in San Diego on Monday night.  The loser would then go to Atlanta for a one-game playoff for the wild card on Tuesday night.

The impossible true story continues.  Last night across movie theaters in America, the Disney movie of Secretariat was previewed.  The movie opens on a grand scale on October 8th.  “This movie was outstanding.  All sports fans need to pay tribute to Secretariat – The Babe Ruth of horse racing,” said Ed Kasputis, Creative Director of Baseball PhD.  “The human drama of this movie will again be played out today as the Padres, Giants and Braves try to end a long regular season in triumph and valor.”

Secretariat – The Movie

Secretariat – The Babe Ruth of Horse Racing

The Magical Finish – June 9, 1973 – Belmont Stakes

Secretariat - 1973 Belmont