2021 Chicago Cubs

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Welcome to Episode 600 as we examine this year’s Cubs and what they’ll do as the July 30th trade deadline approaches. Ed Kasputis interviews Paul Francis Sullivan from Locked on MLB Podcast about those lovable Cubs.


2021 Re-broadcast – Episode 100

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As we prepare for Episode 600 let’s remember Episode 100 from the 100th floor of the Empire State Building! Our PhD Committee goes down memory lane as we remember our first 100 podcasts. ¬†Thanks for listening and let’s continue to get our PhD in life through baseball.


2021 New York Yankees

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The second half of the season has begun but some Yankees have COVID-19 again. Can the Yankees make a run or will the virus make them done? Ed Kasputis interviews Andrew Mearns from pinstripealley.com about those men in pinstripes.


2021 Minicast – Michael Zagaris

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Ed Kasputis interviews photography icon, Michael Zagaris who is the official photographer to both the Oakland A’s and San Francisco 49ers.


2021 Milwaukee Brewers

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As we head into the All-Star break, the Brewers are solidly in first. Ed Kasputis interviews Pastor and baseball historian, James D. Smith III about his heavenly All-Star team.


2021 Minicast – Driving Mr. Yogi

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Ed Kasputis interviews New York Times columnist, Harvey Araton about his book, Driving Mr. Yogi.


2021 Kansas City Royals

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Kansas City is wonderful even when the Royals are not. Ed Kasputis interviews baseball historian and author, Lloyd Johnson about the Kansas City Royals and what lies ahead for this franchise.


2021 Minicast – Field of Legends

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As we remember the 2015 World Champion Kansas City Royals, let’s revisit our Field of Legends Minicast – Episode 94. The Field of Legends is the focal exhibit at the Negro Leagues Baseball Museum.  This museum is a must see for any visiting the City of Fountains.


2021 Houston Astros

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They’re in first and strongly leading Major League Baseball in offense. Can the Houston Astros slug their way to the World Series? Ed Kasputis interviews William Metzger, Managing Editor of crawfishboxes.com about the team that is out slugging the 1927 New York Yankees.


2021 Minicast – Japanese Ballpark Food

June 23, 2021   | Leave a comment

Ed Kasputis interviews Susan Hamaker from shrinecastle.com about the various delicious foods at Japanese ballparks.