2021 Washington Nationals

April 11, 2021   | Leave a comment

We’re Nuts about the Nats. Can 22 year old Juan Soto lead the Nats to the post season or will the Nats just be average? We debate.


Bukiet’s Predictions

April 7, 2021   | Leave a comment

It’s that time of year as Ed Kasputis interviews Professor Bruce Bukiet from the New Jersey Institute of Technology about the Professor’s 2021 baseball predictions.


2021 Atlanta Braves

April 4, 2021   | Leave a comment

We interrupt our previously scheduled Milwaukee Brewers podcast and turn to Atlanta as Major League Baseball has abruptly pulled this year’s All-Star Game from the Capitol of the South in response to Georgia’s new Election Integrity Law (Senate Bill 202). We review the law, COVID-19 updates and the State of the Braves.


2021 Orlando Cepeda

March 31, 2021   | Leave a comment

Let’s learn about Baseball Hall of Famer, Orlando Cepeda as  Ed Kasputis interviews baseball historian, Bruce Markusen.


2021 Colorado Rockies

March 28, 2021   | Leave a comment

Let’s celebrate as Opening Day is near and Mark returns to our recording studio for our next podcast. We review the plight of the Colorado Rockies and make our annual predictions on which teams will be playoff bound.


2021 Minicast Cook & Son PhD Ceremony

March 24, 2021   | Leave a comment

Our PhD Committee honors Todd Cook and his six year old son, Tim as they completed their baseball journey by visiting all 30 current Major League ballparks in 2012.


2021 San Francisco Giants

March 21, 2021   | Leave a comment

We’re at the City by the Bay as we ponder the Giants place in the National League West. Ed Kasputis interviews Paul Sullivan from Locked on MLB Podcast about this year’s Giants.


2021 Hot Springs, Arkansas

March 17, 2021   | Leave a comment

Let’s remember Season 7 (2016) as our PhD Committee learned about baseball’s first spring training venue, Hot Springs, Arkansas.  Ed Kasputis interviews baseball historian, Bill Jenkinson about Hot Springs and the most important spring training home run of all time.


American League Champion Tampa Bay Rays

March 14, 2021   | Leave a comment

We honor the American League Champion Tampa Bay Rays. With the loss of their two best pitchers, can the Rays make the playoffs? We also ponder the new minor league rule changes for the upcoming season and how these changes could impact MLB in the future.


2021 The Walker Brothers

March 11, 2021   | Leave a comment

Ed Kasputis and Dave Matejczyk interview baseball historian, Craig Brown about Moses Fleetwood Walker (1856 – 1924) and Weldy Walker (1860 – 1937), who were the first two African American professional baseball players.