2024 Seattle Mariners

May 26, 2024   | Leave a comment

The Mariners are in first place. Does it seem that the Rangers and Astros just aren’t playing Texas Big this year? Ed Kasputis interviews his long time friend, Bruce Hendryx about their trip to Seattle.


2024 Baseball Law

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Our PhD Committee examines how the law influences our national pastime.  Ed Kasputis interviews Professor & Judge Louis H. Schiff about his newly released book that he has co-authored, Baseball and the Law: Cases and Materials.


2024 Miami Marlins

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Could the Marlins be the worst team in Major League Baseball? They traded their best player, Luis Arraez this month and are on pace to lose over 100 games. Ed Kasputis interviews the Honorable Louis Schiff, co-author of Baseball and the Law: Cases and Materials to find out.


2024 Lake Placid 1980

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Our PhD Committee remembers Lake Placid 1980 as Dave Matejczyk recalls his ultimate road trip.


2024 Chicago White Sox

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The White Sox have the worst record in the American League with dreams of a new ballpark, creating Chicago’s 78th neighborhood. What really lies ahead? Ed Kasputis interviews Al Yellon from bleedcubbieblue.com about the proposed ballpark.


2024 Minicast – NYC on a bike

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The Big Apple looks better from a bike!  Ed Kasputis interviews Richard Sanford from Lingo Planet Bicycle Tours.


2024 Los Angeles Angels

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Ohtani flew the coop. Rendon is down and now so is Trout. The Angels have run out of stars. Ed Kasputis interviews Jeff Joiner from crashingthepearlygates.com.


2024 Witness to a Sweep

May 1, 2024   | Leave a comment

In 2012, our PhD Committee went to the final game of the World Series to be a Witness to a Sweep.  First Farley pays a bet then Ed, Farley & Dave play baseball at Tiger Stadium and meet Joe Michnuk from the Navin Field Grounds Crew.  Then it’s time to head to Comerica Park to sit in the rain and watch the last game of a great year.  Congratulations Giants and Tigers – wait ’til next year.


2024 Arizona Diamondbacks

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Last year, the Diamondbacks surprising won the National League Pennant. This year the bullpen is shaky and the Dbacks are in fourth place. Ed Kasputis interviews Jim McLennan from azsnakepit.com about what lies ahead.


2024 Minicast – Ted Williams

April 24, 2024   | Leave a comment

Ed Kasputis interviews Boston author, Bill Nowlin about Red Sox great, Ted Williams.