2021 Mel Allen Re-broadcast

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Mordecai Israel was his name

Mel Allen was born in Birmingham, Alabama and grew up to become the “Voice of the Yankees“.  Our PhD Committee relives his great life with the help of authors, Stephen BorelliStanley Cohen and Rob Edelman. Our podcast also talks about Cliff Lee returning to the Phillies and notable baseball deaths for 2010.  Then it’s time for At the Mixer with Marty Allen (no relation to Mel).


2021 Ernie Harwell Re-broadcast

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This podcast features baseball sportscaster great, Ernie Harwell.  Our PhD Committee first reviews Major League Baseball’s playoff expansion idea of adding an additional wild card team in each league and then shifts into analyzing who is listening to our podcasts.  Then it’s time for Harwell.  Hear Harwell’s moving 1955 poem – The Definition of Baseball, then hear Harwell’s account of baseball’s Shot Heard ‘Round the World.  Ed Kasputis then interviews baseball author, Irwin J. Cohen about his friend, Ernie Harwell.


2021 Vin Scully Re-broadcast

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Our PhD Committee honors Vin Scully as the greatest baseball sportscaster of all time.  We also remember Seattle’s Hall of Fame baseball sportscaster, Dave Niehaus who passed away on November 10, 2010.  Ed, Farley and Mark then explore the life of Scully and listen to some of his greatest clips.  Ed then interviews Dodger faithful and English Professor, Frank Ardolino about Scully.


The Forgotten Game

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Ed Kasputis interviews John Vampatella about his great new book, The Forgotten Game. Let’s go back to 2004 and remember.


2021 Moe Berg podcast re-broadcast

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The Catcher Who Was a Spy

This week we honor the man who inspired the creation of Baseball PhD – Moe Berg (1902 – 1972).  Moe Berg got his PhD in life – through baseball.  Berg spoke 12 languages travelled the world, played in the major leagues and served as America’s foremost atomic spy during World War II.  Berg knew about the existence of America’s atomic bomb before President Truman!  Discover his story as Ralph BergerLouis JacobsonChuck BrodskyLinda McCarthy and our PhD Committee remember Moe Berg.


Fantasy Camp

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Fantasy Baseball. Fantasy Football. Fantasy Camp. Our PhD Committee interviews fellow podcaster, Jeff Cohen from the Baseball and BBQ podcast about his recent New York Met fantasy camp experience.


2021 Baseball Under the Palms

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Ed Kasputis interviews Sam Zygner about his outstanding book, Baseball Under the Palms: The History of Miami Minor League Baseball – The Early Years, 1892 – 1960.


2021 World Series Review

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Congratulations to the World Champion Atlanta Braves as Ed & Farley get back from Atlanta. Our PhD Committee interviews and shares this year’s World Series memories with Louis Schiff, co-author of Baseball and the Law: Cases and Materials.


2021 World Series

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No bubble this year for the Fall Classic as Houston battles Atlanta for the Commissioner’s Trophy. Ed Kasputis interviews Paul Francis Sullivan from Locked on MLB Podcast about the upcoming series.


2021 League Championship Series

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Can the Dodgers repeat their 2020 League Championship Series comeback against the Braves? Have the Red Sox lost their mojo and an Astros World Series inevitable? We discuss as we enjoy the best time of the year.