2024 Minicast – Cook & Son PhD Ceremony

February 21, 2024   | Leave a comment

Our PhD Committee honors Todd Cook and his six year old son, Tim as they completed their baseball journey by visiting all 30 current Major League ballparks in 2012.


2024 Minicast – Driving Mr. Yogi

February 18, 2024   | Leave a comment

Ed Kasputis interviews New York Times columnist, Harvey Araton about his book, Driving Mr. Yogi.


2024 Pitchers & Catchers Re-broadcast

February 14, 2024   | Leave a comment

Ed, Farley & Mark review Moe Berg’s famous article that Berg wrote for the Atlantic Monthly in 1941 – “Pitchers & Catchers.”  Be sure to check out our Episode 36 – Moe Berg as our PhD Committee pays homage to the man who inspired Baseball PhD.


IndyBall Jobs

February 11, 2024   | Leave a comment

The Caribbean Series has concluded. Abe Lincoln turns 215 as Ed Kasputis interviews Albert Gonzalez from IndyBall Jobs about his organization that helps undrafted players continue their professional careers through Independent League Baseball.


2024 The Famous San Diego Chicken Re-Broadcast

February 7, 2024   | Leave a comment

The Famous San Diego Chicken is the Babe Ruth of sports mascots.  During this 39 minute interview, you’ll better understand how the genius of Ted Giannoulas has forever changed our ball park experience.


2024 Bush & the Babe

February 3, 2024   | Leave a comment

On June 5, 1948, Babe Ruth met future President George H.W. Bush on the ball fields of Yale.  We remember and honor the legacy of both of these great Americans who have impacted our lives, our culture and our country.  Our podcast concludes as Ed Kasputis interviews author, Jerry Amernic on his book, Babe Ruth – A Superstar’s Legacy.


2024 Madame President

January 31, 2024   | Leave a comment

In the history of Minor League Baseball there has only been one madame president.  Ed Kasputis interviews Lori Webb who has been president of the Southern League since 2012 about her inspirational story.


2024 Hall of Fame Ballot Review

January 28, 2024   | Leave a comment

Beltre’, Helton & Mauer, these three great players just got elected into the National Baseball Hall of Fame. We admire as Ed interviews the Honorable Louis Schiff about the upcoming Caribbean World Series that will take place in Miami.


2024 Fan’s-Eye View of the Baseball Hall of Fame

January 24, 2024   | Leave a comment

With the 2020 Baseball Hall of Fame Induction Ceremony cancelled due to COVID-19, let’s go back to 2016 as Ed Kasputis interviews Matt Sullivan, co-author of A Fan’s-Eye View of the Baseball Hall of Fame: A Critique of Baseball’s Greatest Institution.


Lady in Blue

January 21, 2024   | Leave a comment

It’s January as hundreds of men and women head to umpire school as they chase their dream to become a professional baseball umpire. Ed Kasputis interviews the one and only, Perry Lee Barber who has been a female baseball umpire since 1981.