2021 San Diego Padres

September 19, 2021   | Leave a comment

It’s always beautiful in San Diego and sometimes, so are the Padres are they fight for the final playoff spot in the National League. Ed Kasputis interviews Joe Connor aka Mr. Sports Travel about the Padres and all things travel.


2021 War Fever

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Farley’s back in the studio as we interview Professor and co-author, Randy Roberts about his new and timely novel, War Fever: Boston, Baseball and America in the Shadow of the Great War.


2021 Seattle Mariners

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The Mariner’s rebuild is ahead of schedule as the M’s fight for a playoff spot. Meaningful September games for Seattle. Who would have thought?


2021 Baseball Card Addict

September 8, 2021   | Leave a comment

How many baseball cards did you collect? Do you still have them? Our PhD Committee remembers as Ed Kasputis interviews Tanner Jones about his book, Confessions of a Baseball Card Addict.


2021 New York Mets

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The owner blames the players, the players blame the fans and the team’s manager doesn’t know what’s going on. Let’s Meet the Mets, a team that sat in first place for 90 days this summer but no more. Can the Met’s resurrect their season? Ed Kasputis interviews Jeff Cohen, Mets fan and co-host of Baseball & BBQ podcast.


2021 Jim Bouton

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Ed Kasputis interviews Professor of Law and the author of numerous baseball books, Mitchell Nathanson about his new book, Bouton: The Life of a Baseball Original.


2021 Arizona Diamondbacks

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The Diamondbacks currently have the worst record in the National League. We discuss their struggles and what Major League Baseball’s next collective bargaining agreement needs to fix.


2021 Minicast – Last Great Scout

August 25, 2021   | Leave a comment

Ed Kasputis interviews Dan Austin about his book, Baseball’s Last Great Scout: The Life of Hugh Alexander.


2021 St. Louis Cardinals

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The Cardinals are in 3rd but still have a shot at the post-season. Ed Kasputis interviews Josey Curtis from vivaelbirdos.com about the state of the Cardinals.


2021 Minicast – Who was Better – Ruth or Bonds?

August 18, 2021   | Leave a comment

As we enjoy the dog days of August, let’s ponder who was better – Ruth or Bonds?  Ed Kasputis interviews baseball authors Bill Nowlin and Jim Prime about this question for the ages.