2021 Minicast – The Original Curse

January 21, 2021   | Leave a comment

Let’s go back over 100 years to the only World Series played in September, the 1918 World Series.  Did the Chicago Cubs throw the 1918 World Series to the Boston Red Sox?  Did this act curse both the Cubs and Red Sox organizations for decades to come?  Ed Kasputis interviews Sporting News writer and author, Sean Deveney about his intriguing book, The Original Curse.


2021 The Famous San Diego Chicken Re-broadcast

January 17, 2021   | Leave a comment

The Famous San Diego Chicken is the Babe Ruth of sports mascots.  During this 39 minute interview, you’ll better understand how the genius of Ted Giannoulas has forever changed our ball park experience.


2021 Madame President

January 14, 2021   | Leave a comment

In the history of Minor League Baseball there has only been one madame president.  Ed Kasputis interviews Lori Webb who has been president of the Southern League since 2012 about her inspirational story.


Meet the Mets

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Let’s Meet the Mets as they complete a blockbuster trade with the Indians. Can Francisco Lindor lead the Mets to the Post Season in 2021?


2021 Jerry Coleman minicast

January 7, 2021   | Leave a comment

We honor Hall of Fame broadcaster and patriot, Jerry Coleman (1924 – 2014).  We applaud the commentary of Keith Olbermann as Ed Kasputis interviews, Andy Strasberg (Coleman’s agent), author Curt Smith and The Famous San Diego Chicken.  The podcast concludes with former Padre, Tim Flannery’s song, Hang A Star on That One.  Semper Fidelis.


Padres Fever

January 3, 2021   | Leave a comment

Have the Padres already won the off season with their stellar December additions? We ponder and discuss. Ed Kasputis interviews Peter Fertig, President and Founder of the Bob Feller Act of Valor Award Foundation.


2020 Roberto Clemente Podcast

December 31, 2020   | Leave a comment

Our PhD Committee remembers Roberto Clemente on the 46th Anniversary of his death.  Ed Kasputis and Dave Matejczyk interview Pulitzer Prize winner, David Maraniss about Clemente.


2021 New Year’s Eve Podcast

December 27, 2020   | Leave a comment

Good riddance 2020. Welcome 2021 as our PhD Committee discusses cheating in baseball with Jeff Cohen from the Baseball and BBQ podcast and welcomes the New Year with much Holiday Cheer.


2020 Minicast – Watching Baseball Smarter

December 24, 2020   | Leave a comment

Ed Kasputis interviews baseball writer and author, Zack Hample about his book, Watching Baseball Smarter.


2020 Christmas Podcast

December 20, 2020   | Leave a comment

Merry Christmas as we celebrate the success of Operation Warp Speed and how it will affect the game we love.