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Great Expectations

This week is Phillies‘ week with our podcast featuring the National League Champion Philadelphia Phillies being released on Friday, March 25th.  During this podcast we’ll hear from Baseball Bob as he makes his 2011 MLB predictions and from Amanda Orr from philliesnation.com.  Will the Phillies fare like the Mudville 9 or with this be their big year.  We’ll also hear the first segment of “Where in the World is Dave Matejczyk?”

2010 Phillies Hype Video (Where’s Adrian?)

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Brodsky & Berg

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Chuck Brodsky

The Artist behind Baseball Ballads

Chuck Brodsky is an American singer and songwriter who was born in Philadelphia and loves the Phillies (sorry about this year Chuck).  Chuck wrote Moe Berg – The Song which will be heard during our next podcast featuring Moe Berg.

Chuck will also be interviewed during this podcast.  Did you know that Chuck Brodsky’s great uncle worked on the Manhattan Project and Moe Berg used him as a reference on his OSS (Office of Strategic Services) application?  Chuck didn’t even know this fact until after he wrote Moe Berg – The Song.

Chuck Brodsky: Dock Ellis’ No No