Who’s in First – July 1, 2010

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Bukiet Kasputis

Professor Bukiet and Ed Kasputis are tied with 4 points each

What a difference three months make!  On April 2nd, our PhD committee along with Professor Bruce Bukiet and Rodney Johnson made their 2010 Major League predictions.  Thirty days ago, Professor Bruce Bukiet from the New Jersey Institute of Technology had the most accurate predictions.

After three months of baseball, Professor Bukiet and Ed Kasputis are tied for the lead with 4 points out of a possible 8.  Both men predicted that the New York Yankees, Minnesota Twins and Atlanta Braves would make the playoffs.  Bukiet also predicted that the Texas Rangers would make the playoffs while Kasputis predicted that the Boston Red Sox would make the post season.

Baseball Bob and I Don’t Know are tied for third place with three points each.  Our 2010 Major League predictions will be measured again on August 1, 2010.