2012 San Francisco Giants

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Let’s leave our hearts in San Francisco as our PhD Committee explores the Bay Area.  Can the Giants bounce back and win the NLWest?  Mr. Sports Travel aka Joe Connor leads us through this world class city and The Bashful Wife that Wants it All shares her insight on what our wives want to see.  Baseball Bob share his insight on Japan as we prepare for next week’s podcast – Oakland A’s in Tokyo.


The Impossible True Story – Last Day of the Season

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The Impossible True Story - Last Day of 2010 MLB Regular Season

Last Day of the Regular Season

October 3, 2010 is shaping up to be quite a horse race for the end of the 2010 Major League Season. Three teams are fighting for the last two National League Playoff spots. The Padres are in San Francisco. A San Francisco (91 – 69) win at home against San Diego (90 – 71) will clinch the NL West for the Giants.

A Padres win coupled with an Atlanta Braves (90 – 71) loss will clinch the NL West for San Diego.  If the Braves win along with San Diego, the Giants and Padres would play a one-game tiebreaker for the NL West title in San Diego on Monday night.  The loser would then go to Atlanta for a one-game playoff for the wild card on Tuesday night.

The impossible true story continues.  Last night across movie theaters in America, the Disney movie of Secretariat was previewed.  The movie opens on a grand scale on October 8th.  “This movie was outstanding.  All sports fans need to pay tribute to Secretariat – The Babe Ruth of horse racing,” said Ed Kasputis, Creative Director of Baseball PhD.  “The human drama of this movie will again be played out today as the Padres, Giants and Braves try to end a long regular season in triumph and valor.”

Secretariat – The Movie

Secretariat – The Babe Ruth of Horse Racing

The Magical Finish – June 9, 1973 – Belmont Stakes

Secretariat - 1973 Belmont

Who’s in First – May 1, 2010

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Rodney Johnson

Rodney Johnson

Rodney Johnson from playballexperience.com takes the lead!

April is complete and it’s time to review our 2010 Major League predictions that we made on April 2nd.  The Tampa Bay Devil Rays are in first place in the AL East with a record of 17 – 6.  No one from our podcast crew has predicted the Rays to win the AL East.

In the AL Central, the Twins are in first with a record of 15 – 8.  Professor Bukiet, Ed, Farley and Mark have predicted that the Twins will win the AL Central.

In the AL West, the Angels and Athletics are tied with a 12 – 12 record.  Mark, Rodney Johnson, What and I’don’t know have predicted the Angels will win the AL West.

Currently, the New York Yankees would qualify as the American League wild card team.  Professor Bukiet, Rodney Johnson, Ed, Farley, Mark, Baseball Bob, Who and I don’t know have predicted that the Yankees will make the playoffs.

In the NL East, the New York Mets are in first place with a 14 – 9 record.  Only Farley and Who were wise enough to have this vision.

In the NL Central, the St. Louis Cardinals are in first with a 15 – 8 record.  Professor Bukiet, Ed, Baseball Bob, Who and I don’t know predicted that the Cardinals would rule their division in 2010.

In the NL West, the San Diego Padres are currently in first with a 15 – 8 record.  No staff member has predicted that the Padres will rule the West.

Lastly, in the NL wild card, the San Francisco Giants would qualify as the wild card with a 13 – 9 record.  Only Rodney Johnson predicted the Giants to make the playoffs.  It was this bold prediction that allowed Rodney Johnson to capture the lead in our predictions race.  After one month, Rodney Johnson is in the lead with a long season of baseball yet to be played.

Rodney Johnson3.5
Baseball Bob3
Professor Bukiet3
I don't know2.5
Mark 2.5